What You Need to Know

Upon receipt of the completed form, we will begin building your NextGen site. Once the site is built, we will email you with confirmation along with a link to the site.

Your site will be added to the database five working days after we send you the link to the preview of your site, which in turn will trigger invoicing. You will then be charged for your site on the next payment run.

Please note: if you decide not to proceed with the site, once it’s been built, we reserve the right to charge £50 plus vat.


Email Us

Branding Details/ Logo

Please email your company’s logo to nmba@tomd.co.uk (please provide an .EPS file (Vector) or high resolution .JPG (300dpi) file).
Note: If you do not have a logo, we can create one for you, at an additional cost.

Please note: If you provide any of your own words to your site, or change pre-approved words, it is your responsibility to have them compliance approved.

We offer Equity Release* pages on both Mortgages and Pensions. Please note, you may only have this pre-written content on your site if you are authorised to advise on Equity Release*. Please note these are the pages we provide the words for but you may choose to include additional content of your own, which you can add through the Content Management System. (Sites Pro+ and Sites 24/7 only.)


If you are providing your own website copy, please send this as a Word document to nmba@tomd.co.uk, with each section/ page clearly identified. (Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure that this content is compliance approved).

If you would like us to provide your website copy, please contact us. We’ll provide a quote based on your needs, typical costs are £300 + Vat for five pages of content (assuming about 250 words per page).

For custom pages including Homepage wording, About us, Meet the team, Testimonials or others pages please send these across to nmba@tomd.co.uk. Please note Testimonials and Staff Biographies are only available on Pro+ and 24/7.